The purpose of this paper was established in January 1961 when the first editor and publisher, Roy Loney, sent out a new publication.

The Purpose of This Paper

Any sensible, intelligent undertaking must have a definite purpose, and in starting the publication of this paper, I will print this statement from Bro. Wm. Hensley, the author of the article on “What Must I Do To Be Saved.”

“A religious journal is of little value to the many unless it clearly implies to the reader what one must do to live the Christian life, as well as to what one who is a sinner must do to be saved. To deal with personalities, or to promote ideas when they do not deal with God’s plan, is to defeat the purpose of evangelism and the work of leading souls to Christ.” Wm. J. Hensley.

Our aim is to bring Christ and his message of salvation to both saint and sinner, and to make every scriptural effort to make all realize their great need of Christ, and thus be influenced to follow him in sincerity and truth.