A Simple Yet Proper Perspective

Many, if not most, of the truths presented in God’s word are being attacked and dismissed by a growing number of people in our society.  A large number of these attacks are coming from various segments of the sciences including geology, biology, sociology, etc.  There is a growing segment of everyday people who simply accept what these modern sciences spew forth as what they call “scientific fact” when in reality they are nothing more than man’s futile and ongoing attempts to deny a Creator.  Many search and search for the slightest bit of what they call “evidence” to say, “See, see, there truly is no God!”  Accordingly, if people do not accept these claims, they are dismissed as ignorant, bigoted, or worse. It seems to me the last remaining bastion of those who believe in one true God and in His one truth, the Bible, are those who claim to be Christians.  In the past, most people seemed to believe in a Creator, and they had a basic belief in right and wrong in some form even if they did not claim to be Christians.  However, this number seems to have dwindled to very few in this modern era.  At least in these United States, those who claim to be Christians seem to be standing alone against much of the nonsense that is accepted as science today.

Now there is growing pressure on Christians to just accept the lies of macro-evolution as fact.  Christians are told since they are not educated in these sciences their opinions do not count.  What arrogance!  I think it is important for Christians to know that they do not need to be educated in the sciences to argue against them.  Certainly, there are many good books written by men and women who do believe the Bible and who do accept a literal six-day creation.  In addition, there surely is nothing wrong with reading such materials to use in discussing this topic.  However, there is also nothing wrong with simply stating a belief and certainty that the Scriptures are correct in how the Lord created this universe.  You do not have to be a scientist to explain how you accept God’s word in this matter, and you can certainly use the word of God to make your point.  You can show how man willingly chooses to forget creation and the Genesis flood as specifically noted in 2 Peter 3:5-6.

Yes, there are many books written on the subject of sin and morality and how sin harms lives.  Authors who believe in the dangers of sin and living immoral lives write many of these books.  However, a Christian does not have to be a sociologist to state he or she believes in the Bible’s standards for right and wrong.  In an age in which many call good bad and bad good, there is nothing wrong with quoting the word of God on its own merits.  Feel free to use the Bible to show how the works of the flesh truly do lead to death, and righteousness can lead to life.

Finally, you do not need to be an historian to say you believe in the historical legitimacy of the Scriptures.  Again, those who believe the Bible is historically accurate write many books and references, and there are many evidences that seem to validate many of the historical facts of God’s Book.  There is certainly nothing wrong with reading and using these resources as you argue with those who are against the Bible, but you do not have to be educated by man’s standards to have the right to state what you believe.

Ultimately, what you do need is a sound and proper foundation of Faith in the Lord and His Word.  That in itself gives Christians the right to stand for what they believes in.  Men may not respect that right, but it is given and approved of by the Lord.  Ultimately, that is what counts.

May the Lord grant His people the courage to continue to stand for what is right in the eyes of God.  May we as Christians continue to depend upon what He has provided for life and godliness.  May His people be at peace with what Christ has given for their spirits as they battle “… against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”(Ephesians 6:12b).  For that is who and what we are struggling against.