Nearly 3,000 years before The Stones recorded their #1 hit, wise King Solomon had already (and much more poetically) recorded these very same insights and conclusions in the book of Ecclesiastes.  Possessing fame and wealth beyond what Mick, Keith, and the rest of the band could likely even fathom, Solomon set out on his own journey to find meaning and fulfillment in life.  Throughout the early chapters of Ecclesiastes, we find Solomon testing his heart with mirth and releasing it to indulge in pleasure (see Ecclesiastes 2:1-3).

Do You Not Care?

Have you ever found yourself in a tight spot?  One that appears dire and dangerous?  One that provokes intense fear and frustration as pressures firmly outside of your control begin to constrict you?  One that leaves you feeling abandoned and alone?  I know I certainly have.  In such circumstances, it’s easy to begin wondering whether God really cares, to assume that the apparent absence of immediate, tangible aid and intervention is proof He is not concerned.  If God is truly our mighty, powerful and loving Creator – if He really sees everything – wouldn’t He have pity and use His immense power and resources to help me in my time of desperate need?

Laying Down Our Lives

From the moment God breathed into man’s nostrils (Genesis 2:7), it has been readily apparent that there is something sacred and precious about life.  This fact has been consistently reflected and protected in the laws, institutions and instructions that God has given His people.  Well before the Law of Moses, we find examples and commands…

Jesus is Lord

It’s no secret we live in a time where the name, person and authority of Jesus Christ is often defamed, dishonored and disrespected.  In the world, He is the punch line of jokes.  His name is frequently muttered in vain.  The thought of His divinity is scoffed at and mocked.  He’s commonly portrayed in mainstream…

Little by Little

In Exodus 20, with the Children of Israel gathered around Mount Sinai, God launches into a rather lengthy discourse with Moses covering a wide array of topics. Nestled in the heart of that oration, in which God institutes the very framework through which He would relate to and separate His chosen people, He provides an…